Home Learning 

We know that a strong partnership between home and school is key to early learning.

We know that children who enjoy and read stories at home thrive in school.

Research shows that children who read at least five times at home each week will rapidly become independent readers.

We encourage a positive attitude towards the magic and wonder of children's story books and reading.

We will support parents to help children learn at home during everyday family routines.

Setting the table for four or six, measuring ingredients,counting carrots or simply spotting numbers when you are out and about will enable your child to develop an understanding of numbers and patterns.

Home learning is making learning fun and part of your normal family life.

We are increasingly finding that many of our youngest children need support with speech. Making time to talk is the richest and most beneficial way to develop your child's communication skills.

We believe that every child has a right to develop a strong voice and that all adults have a duty to be good listeners.

At the top of our agenda learning at school and at home must be lots and lots of fun!

Please click here to download a copy of the Development Matters Curriculum for guidance on how adults can help to enable children's learning.