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Year 2 Curriculum Information and Homework


Please find our Curriculum Information and Homework here:

Term Five - The Scented Garden

Clicking here will take you to the BBC KS1 Bitesize Science page all about plants.

Common Exception Words

These are words that year two are expected to be able to read and write. They do not use the regular phonetic spelling patterns that are familiar to the children at this stage.


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Maths Arithmetic SATS paper

The first maths SATS paper that year 2 children take is an arithmetic paper. This consists of about 25 calculations that the children need to answer. They use a combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions calculations.

Some of the questions are very straightforward, but they do get more complex as the paper progresses. The children need to remember that the equals sign (=) means that the parts of the calculation on either side of it need to balance. So the number they are calculating may come before the equals sign.

You can download a description aimed at parents about how the children need to approach the different addition and subtraction calculations from the file list below.

There is also a set of straightforward questions that your child can practise, together with a separate answer sheet.

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