Curriculum Information

Information about maths and english can be found on the separate year 2 maths and english pages.

This page has information about our topics, the overall year 2 curriculum. and specific guidance from the Department for Education about the National Curriculum. 

There is more information about the curriculum at Our Lady of Lourdes and specific information about maths and english in the parents section of the school website.

Summer Term 1 Curriculum Information

The Scented Garden.

We will be visiting Pizza Express on Tuesday 21st May. There will be no charge for this trip, but please do not book a school lunch for this day. We will eat our pizzas for lunch.

We will take our SATS tests in small groups, mainly in the week 7th- 10th May. Although we will take one test on Friday 3rd May and the final one on Monday 20th May. 

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Spring Term Curriculum Information

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

On Tuesday January 29th we are planning a visit to Warwick Castle.

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Autumn Term Two Curriculum Information

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Beachcombers Topic Information

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National Curriculum

The document below outlines the key knowledge and skills a child is expected to have gained in maths, reading and writing by the end of year 2 in order to be assessed as meeting age related expectations for their year group.

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The following documents outline the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1 for English and Maths and also the spelling and vocabulary, grammar and punctuation content for each year of primary education.

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