School & Parish Candlelit Carol Concert

The children from across the school joined members of the Parish in presenting a Candlelit Carol Concert.  It was a truly joyous occasion.  Some of the Year 6 Confirmandi children served mince pies and mulled wine afterwards...

Many many thanks to you for making the carol service last night such a wonderful evening.

I (and the whole congregation) especially loved ‘Joys seven’ by the choir. John, may thanks for the choir’s contribution, it always lifts the congregation to listen to you all.  Carl. Your wonderful and unique rendition of John Betjeman’s Poem captured the attention of everyone there – you could have heard a pin drop while you performed it. Bozena, many thanks for your lovely children’s singing of your Polish carol. It’s so lovely to have something different in the carol service.

And many thanks to you Robyn, and of course the children from Our lady’s for their beautiful nativity which reminds us of what Christmas is really about. The choir too from the school were a credit to John and his hard work. As a teacher I know how much effort goes into anything to do with children.

Many positive comments about last night, too many to mention, but again many many thanks.

Ruth x


MAC Carol Concert

Our Year 6s joined other schools within the MAC, to present a Carol Concert at St Gregory the Great school in Oxford.  It was a wonderful evening shared with members of our Academy community.

Harvest - Cafod Speakers

We were visited by volunteers from Cafod, who spoke to the children about Harvest and the Pope's message about looking after our environment. The Years 5 & 6 children took part in some workshops about how we can look after the planet.