Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School

We Learn with God as our Guide

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Our School Day


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Home time/After school clubs


Playtimes should be happy times. We are constantly seeking ways to improve playtime for our children and have a range of equipment that they can use. We regularly purchase new resources to support playtime and are in the process of putting together a bid to obtain a new trim trail for the sports field.


Since September 2014, the school has been able to offer school meals to all pupils in the school. Foundation Stage and Key stage one pupils get these meals for free. Menus are emailed out to parents and a master copy is kept in the office. Information is sent out when there is a change in the menu. All meals must be ordered in advance via the office, by 9.30am on THURSDAYS for the following week. The meals are currently brought to us from another local school but, from October 2018, we will have our own facilities to cook on site.

In the Winter months most pupils eat in our School Hall but during the Summer our children love to have a picnic lunch outside on the field!

Collective worship

We have daily collective worship in classes, as a Key Stage or whole school community where we reflect on our learning and our virtues.