Year 2

Christmas Nativity

The children in years one and two have started learning the songs for our nativity play. We have sent a copy of the words home so that you can practise at home too.

We have now allocated parts to children. As usual, the majority of year 2 children are narrators. The children told me whether they would like a longer or shorter piece to read and the parts have been allocated accordingly. There are a handful of children who would prefer not to have a speaking part and this has also been accommodated. Narrators will wear party clothes. I will send further information about costumes next week.

World War One Experience at Hill End

On November 12th, the whole school went to Hill End as part of our remembrance of the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice at the end of World War One. We were very lucky with the weather - the sun shone all day and the ground was dry in the woods which was amazing after the rain we had the week before. The schools who went last week probably got a more realistic experience of the mud in the trenches!

The woods at Hill End were used for training volunteers to the army during World War One and there are a series of trenches dug into the woods. A hundred years ago, the trees had not been planted and the experience of going 'over the top' would have been more like the experience of the troops in the battlefields of northern Europe. 

Each class took part in a carousel of activities - attacking a defence trench, defending the trench from an advancing army, wearing army shirts and helmets and looking at photographs of the troops taken during World War One, marching drills, and grenade throwing.

I was proud of every single member of year two. They were enthusiastic and engaged learners throughout the day. 

It is incredibly important that we continue to remember the sacrifices made by so many young men and women during the past conflicts. They had a huge influence on safeguarding the free society that we are privileged to live in today. At the same time, we teach our young people to respect everyone and to work for peaceful solutions to disputes. 

Here are a selection of pictures from the day. Clicking on any image will enlarge the photos.

Squid Dissection 18th October 2018

Mrs Gribben kindly bought us a squid and a mackerel from the fishmonger. Everyone in year two came to have a look at the outside and inside of the squid and most people were keen to touch and feel the different textures. Some of our favourite parts were putting a finger through the siphon tube, finding the ink sac, feeling the sharp hard beak in its mouth and discovering its three hearts. 

We found the backbone, gills, teeth and intestines inside the mackerel.


 Sea Life Centre, Birmingham 3rd October 2018

 We had a wonderful day and spotted lots of the creatures we have been learning about. Highlights included the ocean tunnel where sharks swam over our heads and touching starfish in the rock pool experience. Here are just a few photos from the day. Clicking on any image will enlarge it.


Science Day 2nd October 2018

On Monday the whole school took part in a series of worm experiments. In year two we investigated preferred habitats for worms.

We learned that worms prefer a habitat where they are able to tunnel. Our worms preferred soil or sand to sawdust or straw.

Have a look at some of the photos from our investigation. Clicking on any of the images will enlarge them.

Class Assembly 28th September 2018

I was very proud of everyone in year two for presenting an excellent overview of our topic learning so far. We took the opportunity to tell the rest of the school what we have learned about the problems being caused by plastics that we use just once before throwing away. Here are a few photos from the assembly.