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Year 2

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Class Photo

Two of us were away today....we will take another photo on a day we are all here!

Our Coastal Art

We have been painting watercolour scenes of the coast. Some of us have painted busy city beaches, others have rural bays. Some of us have concentrated on the creatures living in the sea, while others have focused on the experience of a trip to the beach.

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Week beginning 30th September

To help the children in their writing across the curriculum I have created a word list for each subject area this week. 

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Trip to the Birmingham Sea Life Centre

25th September 2019

Year two enjoyed a wonderful day at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. All of the children behaved extremely well and it was a pleasure to be with them. We had the opportunity to see many of the sea creatures we have been learning about. Mrs Howlett's group were especially lucky to be at the ray tank at feeding time and took the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Particular highlights were stroking the starfish in the rockpool, being able to experience being in the tank with the seals and walking through the ocean tunnel. 

Clicking here will take you to the part of the Sea Life website that allows you to read more about some of the creatures we saw.

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Visit from Science Oxford 18th September 2019

We were lucky to have a visitor from Science Oxford who came to school to deliver a science workshop about different habitats and the creatures who live there. We wore masks and sorted ourselves into groups who lived in either freshwater, the ocean, grassland or woodland. We talked about why the creatures were suited to living in that particular habitat. Then we made our own creatures,either real or imagined, out of salt dough. We thought about which habitat they would live in and what features they would need to live in that habitat.

Below is a gallery of pictures from the day and all the creatures we designed. Clicking on any of the images will enlarge them.