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Curriculum Information and Home Learning

Information about maths and english (including spellings) can be found on the separate year 2 maths and english pages.

This page has information about our topics, the overall year 2 curriculum. and specific guidance from the Department for Education about the National Curriculum.

There is more information about the curriculum at Our Lady of Lourdes and specific information about maths and english in the parents section of the school website.

National Curriculum Information

At the end of year two children will be assessed against the standards of the key stage one curriculum. As part of this assessment the children will take SATS tests in reading, maths and spelling,punctuation and grammar. These are nothing for the children to worry about. By the time we get to May, they will be completely familiar with the sorts of tasks they will be asked to do. I do not talk about SATS with the children at all. When we get close to May, I tell them about the special quizzes we will be doing in class. Strangely enough, the children actually seem to enjoy the SATS tests - they like having a special booklet that they can write in and are proud to show what they have learned!

Below are some documents that outline the key curriculum information.

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Autumn Term 1 Curriculum Information


Our first topic this year is a science based topic. We will learn about the habitat and micro habitats of sea and coastal plants and creatures.

On Wednesday 18th September we had a workshop led by Science Oxford which will teach us about how creatures are adapted to suit their habitats.

On Wednesday 25th September we went to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, where we saw a whole range of creatures living in tanks to match their natural environments.

Our class assembly is on Friday 11th September.

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