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Academic results - KS1 and KS2


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Assessment of Children  

The assessment of a child's ability can be very complex, taking into account the many aspects of work, behaviour and age. In general terms the school uses two methods for assessment.

Teachers' Continuous Assessment of Children (TA)

This provides a thorough assessment of children's attainment and is made during normal classroom activities. Teacher assessment provides an ongoing record and can be used for diagnosing and remedying individual difficulties or areas of a child's learning which need development. TA takes place in all classes.

Tests and Formal Assessments  

All children are assessed during their first year in school and this is kept as a record, called "The Oxfordshire Child Pupil Profile". This profile is the first step in the assessment of the child's educational development at school and feeds into the Foundation Stage Profile and this, in turn, equals the child's report at the end of year.

Year 2 and KS2 classes have small tests (e.g. tables) on a regular basis to support teacher assessment of individual progress. Years 3, 4 and 5 take national non-statutory tests in English and Mathematics once a year. Records of tests and assessments are kept centrally to assist with monitoring throughout the school. The interpretation of these tests, together with the teacher's continuous assessment of class work, is conveyed to parents during discussion evenings, when appropriate.

Statutory assessments and tests take place in English and Maths for children at or near the end of Key Stages 1 and 2 (7 and 11 year olds). These determine what each child has achieved in relation to National Curriculum levels.