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Catholic Life of the School

‘We Learn with God as our Guide’


Welcome to our “Catholic Life of the School” page.

Through this page we aim to share with you and celebrate many of the elements which make our Catholic school so special. In the light of our School Mission Statement we believe that our faith is the centre around which the planning, teaching and learning in our school is focused. The gospel values provide the core of our aims and objectives in providing the sure foundation on which the seeds of faith can be nourished and flourish in the hearts and minds of everyone in our school. Pupils have a strong sense of belonging to the school community and value and respect each other.

On this page you will find information to help families, the Parish and school work together in supporting the development of our children’s faith and Religious Education.

At Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, we always work to provide a stimulating and interesting environment where children have the ability to develop their talents to their full potential.

We strive to develop each child’s religious formation by widening it within the life and work of the school, in partnership with parents and the parish community. This is done in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. We ensure that children know how to follow the example and teachings of Jesus.

We encourage children to ask questions about the teachings of Christ and to develop enquiring minds. We are aware that children’s needs and levels of understanding in RE change and develop. We adapt to these needs through the following aims which are underpinned by our school’s mission statement.

We promote concern, consideration and respect for all others regardless of race, culture, gender or disability. This is further strengthened by our links with charities such as Father Hudson’s and Mary’s Meals in which we try our hardest to help those children in other countries who may not receive presents at Christmas.

We create a happy, purposeful and caring environment which fosters the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development of each child.

We continue to fully develop the talents of each child through a balanced RE curriculum and by providing work suited to individual needs.  

Christ is at the centre of all that we do at Our Lady of Lourdes


The school works closely with our Parish Priest, Fr Patrick Broun. Fr Pat supports the school in the development of the Catholic faith and celebrates Mass with the whole school and in individual classes. Parents and carers are always most welcome to join us at any of our celebrations of the Eucharist, or other act of worship either in Church or in school.The children lead with hymns, altar serving and readings; these roles – or vocations – are recognised as important in involving the children in the celebration of Mass.

Catholic Ambassadors

Hello, we are the Catholic Ambassadors for 2021/2022.

We have been given the role of Ambassadors to lead prayer and promote Catholic life within our school. We hope to set an example and support pupils in our school to do the right thing throughout their daily lives. We are very keen to work hard for everyone at school and also to build on our link with our Church and the Parish community.

We all work well together as a team and would love to hear your suggestions on ways we can make our school the best it can possibly be.

The Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation

The children, parents, school and parish work together to help the children in their preparation to receive the sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion in Year 3 and the sacrament of Confirmation in Year 6. The Holy Communion programme gives the children the opportunity to grow in their sense of belonging to the church family. When the children receive Holy Communion for the first time they are, in effect, saying “Now I am fully a part of this community, this Family of God!

The school community works with the parish to prepare for, and take leading roles in, the celebration of mass when the children receive the sacrament of Confirmation in Year 6. Confirmation establishes young adults as fully-fledged members of the Catholic faith and makes strong the faith given in baptism. The sacrament of Confirmation gives the children the opportunity to renew those same promises and gives them the courage to practice their faith.