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Guided by the light (Our Curriculum)

The curriculum  at Our lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary school

 'Guided by the Light'

Curriculum Intent

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School’s mission is ‘Learning with God as our Guide.’ Through our curriculum 'Guided by the Light', we intend to develop the skills, knowledge and learning attitudes of our pupils so that they may become the best that they can be.

Our Catholic virtues, closely linked to the Religious Sisters of Charity and the heritage of the school, help children to develop their social and moral code as they build their sense of uniqueness and self-worth as an individual. We believe all children, including those with special educational needs deserve the opportunity to nurture their individual talents and to achieve their true potential. We aim to encourage the children to develop their understanding of their local and national heritage and their role in modern Britain today. We encourage them to embrace all that multi-cultural Britain has to offer them and develop their understanding of the global world, within which they are a citizen of the 21st Century.

We teach the English National Curriculum and give high priority to teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics, every day, to ensure that all pupils acquire the basic skills for learning and life. We give children opportunities to work on their own, in pairs and in groups. We value the importance of talk as a tool for learning and invest time in this.

It is important to us to provide a broad range of exciting, relevant and creative opportunities that enrich our children’s learning, such as: wow events, trips, visitors, outdoor learning in our school grounds and links with our parish church. Our school also has specialist teachers for Music.

We are extremely proud of the role our Catholic Ambassadors play in the Catholic Life of the school. Having been elected by their peers, the Catholic Ambassadors are expected to set an excellent example of the virtues of our faith to others. They are also involved in prayer times, assemblies and the planning and assessing of the quality of Collective Worship.

During a pupils’ time at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, they will have many opportunities to enjoy a variety of creative and sporting extra-curricular activities, such as: athletics, football, dance and choir. We have an active School Council who meet regularly with a member of the school staff. These meetings are held in an informal, but purposeful, manner. During these meetings; the council members bring forth any suggestions or concerns from their fellow class mates and items for discussion may be brought forward from staff. They are encouraged to voice their opinion about school matters in a constructive manner and ensure they are communicating with and, on behalf of their peers. It is a great honour to be a member of the School Council.

Children leave Our Lady of Lourdes with a sense of belonging to a diverse and Christian community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners.

You can find our more about individual subject intent statements on the right-hand side of this page, or you can see progression of skills detailed below. 

Curriculum Plans 2023-2024

Version 2.6 - Updated Music curriculum in light of government white paper. Added Catholic Social Teaching.

Guided by the Light 2.6 EYFS (September 2023) Download
 Guided by the Light 2.6 Year 1 (September 23) Download
 Guided by the Light 2.6 Year 2 (September 23) Download
 Guided by the Light 2.6 Year 3 (September 23) Download
 Guided by the Light 2.6 Year 4 (September 23) Download
 Guided by the Light 2.6 Year 5 (September 23) Download
 Guided by the Light 2.6 Year 6 (September 23) Download

We are constantly reviewing the structure of our curriculum to best meet the needs of our pupils. Previous versions:

2.51 - Edited in December 2022 to update Y2 summer history unit 'Magnificent Monarchs with references to QEII.
           Includes Y1 updates to Bright Lights Big City and landmarks / visiting a local landmark.
2.5  Includes updates to Literacy and Language and PE.

2.4 - September 2022
2.3 - April 2022 - improvements to English, science, music and computing
2.1 - July 2021- Revised to ensure clear progression of skills as well as knowledge. EYFS introduced.
1.1 - September 2020 - Introduction of new RSE programme.
1.0 - June 2020 - First version of the curriculum in the current GBTL format.

Progression Maps

 Art Download
 D&T Download
 Geography Download
 History Download
 Science Download
Mathematics Download
Physical Education Download
Computing Download
Music Download
Spoken Language can be found on the English page here Download
Writing Download
Reading Download
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Download



Personal Development and Cultural Capital Plan

 Personal Development Download
Cultural Capital Download

Religious Education Overview 2023-2024

 Reception Download
 Year 1 Download
 Year 2 Download
 Year 3 Download
 Year 4 Download
 Year 5 Download
 Year 6 Download